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E-15 be.tech Experience

Post Date:05/12/2017 12:52 PM

betech E-15 arrested student and casket 

E-15 be.tech Experience

By: Geraldaughn Soriano

Community Outreach Intern

On April 27th and 28th, be.tech students took part in the Every 15 minutes program. E-15 is a program designed to showcase the effects of driving under the influence of alcohol and the lasting impact it can have on you and your family. 

All the seniors who participated in the E-15 program did not attend school for 2 days. They also had absolutely no communication with anyone outside the building, this means they had no contact with their families and friends. By having no cell phones, this forced students to communicate with each other and get to know other people from different schools.

 “The experience that I had with E-15 was one that I will truly never forget and one that will always make me consider the consequences of drinking and driving,” said  Gabriel Martinez, E-15 student participant. “My favorite part of the experience was having the chance to hear other people’s stories and learn who they really are and how drinking and driving has affected their lives.” 

Day one consisted of the crash scene, which took place at Manteca High School. Day two was the mock funeral, which was held at the Christian Worship Center in Manteca. 

 “I am very proud to organize this program year after year. Seeing tears, seeing smiles, and hearing how much this program has them thinking about making good decisions just makes me very happy and extremely proud to be a part of the experience,” stated Angela Ott, E-15 coordinator. 

By doing this program every year, it brings awareness to high school students about the dangers and risks of drinking and driving. Students are learning a very realistic life lesson and feeling emotions attached to it without really having to go through it. This experience will stay with them and their families for years to come.

betech E-15 crash scene on field

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