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Todd Beard Keynote

Think about your most meaningful moments in life and school... Did you have fun? Did you learn something? Were you scared? Did you laugh? Did you feel strong emotions? Did a mystery get solved? Why do you still remember these moments to this day? My classes are active participants in our passion-based edutainment environment. From game shows to plays, instructional gaming to play based learning, my students use critical thinking skills to understand the world around us, and it is a whole lot of fun! In this interactive keynote we will examine brain-based techniques for creating authentic engagement. We will create our own toolboxes from best-practices, pedagogy, and technology. Participants will be part of an introspective journey of discovery and sharing, that develops a culture of learning while focusing on our individual strengths as educators to increase student achievement.

 Andrew Fitzgerald Keynote

As we move past our first edtech barrier, educators are now faced with new challenges that parallel the same tasks we're asking of our students. Our new task of creating 21st century learning activities for students is possible with the right mindset and attitude. Learn about the current edtech barriers we now face today as educators, and what we can do to overcome them.

 Catlin Tucker Keynote

Education has been disrupted. Technology is radically changing the way we communicate, create, and learn. The rise in online tools, the increasing availability of mobile devices, and the limitless amounts of information at our fingertips are having a profound impact on education. Join teacher, international trainer, and bestselling author Catlin Tucker as she shares how she transformed her low-tech classroom by leveraging her students connectivity at home and the devices they bring into the classroom to create a blended learning model. She will share creative strategies and examples of student work to highlight how she is leveraging the power of technology to place students at the center of learning. (Note: Catlin Tucker's second keynote will be available at a later date).

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Session Title Presenter Name
Adobe Acrobat and Print Shop Tips and Tricks Trisha Rascon
Alternatives to Suspensions Rupi Bhatii
Breakout EDU Kristen Messer
CAASPP Data Reporting and Strategies Steve Moretto
Connecting Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments with Instruction Steve Moretto
Demystifying the NGSS:The STEMScopes Curriculum and MUSD 6-8 Teachers Deborah Tucker and Terry Talley, EdD
Digital Library resources for Students - Student Resources in Context Anne Steiner
Digital Library Resources for Students - Student Resources in Context Anne Steiner
Digital Storytelling and Literacy Projects Using WeVideo Janet Lenards
Free (and low cost) Apps for Educators Rebecca Hunter, Kerry Gilmore, Molly Lowe
Introduction to Microsoft Forms Colby Clark
K/1 Wonder Less About Wonders Digital (Session 1 at 8:00) Heidi Azevedo, Jenny Garwood, and Kristina Brown
K1 Wonder Less---what I do in my class Melanie Smith
Keynote - Challenge Accepted! Andrew Fitzgerald
KidsInfoBits Anne Steiner
KidsInfoBits Anne Steiner
Kindergarten Art Julia Gibson
Music and Movement for the Primary Classroom Laura Agostini
OneDrive Rebecca Hunter
Online Forms, Data, and Spreadsheets, Oh My! Peter Gale
Our Music is Our Curriculum Anthony Dahl
Quizlet in the classroom Rebecca Hunter
Read. Relax. Breathe. Anne Steiner
Sync Your Assignments with StudySync Fallon Phillips and Jennifer Adolfson
Sync Your Assignments with StudySync Fallon Phillips and Jennifer Adolfson
Teacher Actions that Matter in a STEM Classroom Terry Talley, EdD and Deborah Tucker
Transform your Pedagogy in the Music Classroom Andrew Fitzgerald for All Content Areas Samantha Danley
Using CK12 to flip your science classroom Rebecca Hunter
Video: How to Get Started with Your Message! Peter Gale
Virtual Fitness Motivation Shirley Kruenegel
Wonder Less 4-6 Ditial: How to Use/Customize Lesson Presentations Julie Thomas
Wonders Assessments Michael Berchtold
Yay! You Did a Formative Assessment! Now What? Andrew Fitzgerald

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