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Amaral, SandraAccount ClerkNutrition Education(209) 858-0775
Sousa, PaulaAccount ClerkNutrition Education(290) 858-0734
Gonzales, MieryaAccount ClerkTransportation(209) 858-0795
Fabyan, KimberlyAccount Clerk IBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0817
Souza, AndreaAccount Clerk IIAccounts Payable, Business Services(209) 858-0816
Hernandez, ReneeAccount Clerk IIAccounts Payable, Business Services(209) 858-0771
Ashley, LisaAccount Clerk IIAccounts Payable(209) 858-0753
Garcia, JoAnnAccounting ClerkNutrition Education(209) 858-0769
Armstrong, HeatherAdministrative AssistantSuperintendent's Office(209) 858-0813
Grabowski, Yvonne Administrative Assistant to the Deputy SuperintendentPersonnel Services(209) 858-0742
Aguilar, Teresa Bilingual Para-ProfessionalGeorge Komure
Kestyus, TraceyBudget / Account TechNutrition Education(209) 858-0733
Meyer, TheresaBudget / Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0746
Anderson, Kari Budget / Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0766
Lennert, DianeBudget/Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0776
Avila, YuricaBudget/Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0887 ext. 50887
Hauger, DebbiBusiness Services Department SupervisorBusiness Services(209) 858-0728
Danley, SamanthaCCSS ELA CoordinatorCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0743
Caligiuri, JeffCCSS Mathematics CoordinatorCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation
Gutierrez, Anna Certificated Employees and SubstitutesPersonnel Services(209) 858-0701
Williams, Joy Certificated LeavesPersonnel Services(209) 858-0773
Gallegos, Elena Certificated Staffing Clerical AssistantPersonnel Services(209) 858-0864
Villegas, MarthaClerical AssistantBusiness Services, Payroll(209) 858-0799
Howland, Gina Clerical AssistantStudent Services/Special Education(209) 858-0760
Brown, Cindy Clerical AssistantStudent Services/Special Education(209) 858-0847
Tarr, Linda Clerical AssistantDistrict IMC(209) 858-0752
Risso, Joyce Clerical AssistantDistrict IMC(209) 858-0750
Baker, Kim Clerical AssistantCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0853
Gonzales, Autumn Clerical AssistantGrounds(209) 858-0710
Andujo, LupeClerical AssistantCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0853
Stayner, LindsayClerical AssistantCommunity Outreach, Facility Use(209) 858-0861
Andona, PatriciaClerical AssistantCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0726
Barber, OliviaClerical AssistantNutrition Education(209) 858-0748
King, WendyClerical AssistantCommunity Outreach(209) 858-0999
Harris, StaceyClerical Assistant, Transcript RequestsElementary Education, Secondary Education(209) 858-0892
Teixeira, Nancy ClerkChild Welfare and Attendance(209) 858-0867
Fayad, CarolClerk (Transcripts)Student Services/Special Education(209) 858-0759
Camara, Charlotte Clerk Typist IICompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0828
Orgon, CarolynConstruction / Energy TechnicianFacilities(209) 858-0716
Moretto, Steve Coordinator of Compensatory Ed. / Testing and EvaluationCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0853
Smith, JulieCoordinator of Compensatory Ed., CCSS Implementation, and Staff DevelopmentCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0851
Agostini, Leslie Coordinator of Health Services & Homeless / Foster LiasonHealth Services(209) 858-0788
Gale, PeterCoordinator of Instructional Technology / Media PublicationsCommunity Outreach(209) 858-0811
Bartizal, MichaelData AnalystInformation Technology, Student Data Information Systems(209) 858-0839
Hoff, EricData Infrastructure TechnicianInformation Technology(209) 858-0918
Dodd, DonaData TechnicianInformation Technology, Student Data Information Systems(209) 858-0884
Dringenberg, Diyan Department SupervisorElementary Education(209) 858-0702
Lewis, DebbyDepartment SupervisorSecondary Education(209) 858-0741
Medina, Annette Department Supervisor Classified PersonnelPersonnel Services(209) 858-0823
Fang, Sharon Department Supervisor of Student ServicesStudent Services/Special Education(209) 858-0837
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