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Share your thoughts about Manteca High School's Future!

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Thank you for making this conversation a priority and sharing your opinions with us.

MUSD is committed to supporting efforts to improve existing school facilities so that these facilities remain safe and effective places to learn. To uphold this commitment, we need to understand where we are right now and what the future should look like. 

As part of our continued community engagement efforts, over the next two months  we will be holding a 3-part virtual conversation about the modernization of Manteca High School.

Our plans for the future will be much richer if we can use your input to inform our goals. Thank you for taking the time to share what is important to you. 


Jason Messer
Manteca Unified School District


What is Thought Exchange?

Thought Exchange Process

Thoughtexchange is an online learning process that allows us to reach out to everyone affected by the decisions made in our District. This process enables us to hear their thoughts and learn about their priorities.

There are three steps that you will be invited to participate in:

  1. Share – answer open-ended questions about education in our schools
  2. Star – review ideas from other stakeholders and star the ideas you like best
  3. Discover – learn what is important to the community as a whole

Soon, you will receive an email with an invitation to participate. If you don’t receive this email, self-register and be added to the Thoughtexchange process.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Register for our Manteca High School Modernization Thought Exchange.