Cloud 1Some of the most fun positive comments from the day's survey were:

  • I thought the day went very smoothly. Especially, with the amount of people who were on the campus.
  • What a great day! We need to do it again and again and again!
  • We should definitely have more of these in the future!
  • This was the best SD I have ever attended!
  • I have worked for the district for over a decade now and this was one of if not the best staff development day. I enjoyed the flow of the day, high school and elementary teachers being together & sessions were applicable.
  • Use this conference format again!
  • I enjoyed the freedom and loose environment that allowed for teachers to choose which sessions they most wanted to attend.
  • Everyone did an awesome job at pulling together such a great Staff Development day for everyone who took advantage of it.
  • I really liked this format and I think it will only get better and with all these communication methods like Twitter all the staff can share ideas and get to know people and be compassionate and kind and helpful to each other. Pay it forward.
  • The presenters did a fine job. They were interesting and had information that pertained to my students.
  • This was one of the most valuable staff development days I have ever had! I really learned a lot that I could implement in to my lesson plans.
  • I hope the district puts on an event like this again! Now that we know what to expect on both ends (Teachers & Admin) I think another tech conference would be very beneficial.
  • Well done! The tone was professional and very low key. As I talked to people throughout the day, they were pleasantly surprised by how beneficial and accessible the information was. I especially enjoyed having a keynote speaker of high quality.
  • I felt like I was back in school, it was a really good experience and the information was fantastic.

MUSD Educator Conference

Updated on 02/26/2015 6:00 PM

Some of the fun photos to show the atmosphere and excitement of the MUSD Educator Conference 2015.