MEL'S Garage

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What is M.E.L.S. Garage?

Sitting adjacent to other student classrooms, this re-purposed garage space has a meaningful name. The acronym is about connecting Manufacturing & Engineering to Learning Through STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math).

Kristen Messer, science teacher, commented, “Students love the non-traditional setting with its modular furniture. They become makers, leading each other to gure out which tool works best. The hands-on activities provide high student interest.”

In the maker class, students learned several tools to help them create. While they learned, they studied some of the physics behind material science and design.

Students learned how to 3D print, were introduced to robotics, and made their own satellite in a can (CANSAT). This was in partnership with Magnitude IO.

This project required students to solder their selected sensors to a programmable board. These sensors calculate velocity, temperature, barometric pressure, and elevation. They also 3D print their can to safely hold the satellite inside their rocket, and use their student computers to configure and read what the sensors were picking up.

Then, on April 3rd, 2016,  Messer went with eleven of her students to the MUSD Magnitude IO launch day. They launched their rocket with their satellite inside. Once it landed, they read the data that the satellite collected.

All of’s programs encourage students to find many hands on applications to bring their learning to life—making it personal, memorable and immediately relevant. 

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MELS garage also hosts community events, as you can see from examples below. Download copies of the flyers in the window at the right, or at the bottom of the page.

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